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Over the years here at Sir locksalot locksmith Middlesbrough we have encountered just about every type of upvc door and window problem, our vast experience means you can rest assured that we're able to manage any problem you may have.

If you have noticed your upvc door becoming harder to lock or generally stiffer or even really loose when you're operating the door then give us a call on 07958312149

At Sir locksalot, we provide a courteous, prompt, professional and friendly service if your door locks or mechanism fail. Don't worry if you are unfortunate enough for your mechanism to break when the door is in the closed position, we can open them speedily and with no damage and we will endeavour to fit you a new mechanism to your door the very same day.

There are many causes of upvc problems so I will list a few here.

The weather. In the summer months, a lot of people experience the problem of upvc doors swelling in the heat, as you can imagine this can be a huge problem as this causes extra strain on the gearbox or mechanism. You end up having to force the handle more than usual which leads to extra strain on the working parts. Eventually, this leads to parts cracking and breaking and leaving the homeowner with a door that just will not open.

In the winter months or during a cold snap, you may experience the upvc doors contracting. This can cause similar problems heat and will eventually lead to a break if the door is not adjusted back to its original position.

Sir Locksalot locksmiths Middlesbrough can adjust your door before the mechanism actually breaks and leaves you with a large bill. It costs between £120 and £180 for a new mechanism fitted but just £49 to have your door serviced by us.

General wear and tear. Over the years doors are used hundreds of thousands of times so it's no surprise they eventually need new parts. It could be the door handle has worn out, the keeps need changing or even the panel has cracked or broken from heavy usage. You can call us anytime for a free quote or advice on how to prevent problems or prolong the life of your door.